Are you tired of spending time on maintaining your well equipment?

Ask about our Monthly Service plan for standard Well Equipment Customers and Whole House Reverse Osmosis customers.

Affordable Maintenance Solutions  help keep your water system membranes clean with our monthly maintenance plan. Not only is it guaranteed to keep your water clear, it also removes odor.

The Greener Solution

Water Testing and Services

Affordable Water System Parts
Get all the parts you need to keep your water system running smoothly. We have everything from replacement valves to chemical additives, pressure tanks to specialized fittings, and much more! Stop by Custom Water Systems today and check out our full showroom.

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Tests Needed
Bactise Test   =   E.Coli  and Total Coliforms
Lead Test
Nitrite Test
Nitrate Test

Monthly Service

Are you experiencing these problems?

  • Dirty Aerator Tank? Are the screens missing?
  • No air in the Pressure tank; and it's rusty?
  • Do you get ants in your Pressure switch?
  • Is your equipment not keeping time?
  • Algae growing in your Softener?

Water Testing for FHA, VA, and Farm Home Loans

FHA loan rules  in general borrowers should know that some wells may require health department certification, others may be acceptable in Florida.   One type of well mentioned by name in FHA loan rules is the “dug well”. The FHA official site states:  Properties served by dug wells are unacceptable unless a complete survey conducted by an engineer is delivered to the lender.


Stop in and get your FREE In-Store Water Test!

Not sure if your home water purification is right for you? Bring in a sample of your home drinking water, one from your inside tap and well for a FREE in-store test. If you have an under sink reverse osmosis bring in a sample of that also and see firsthand just how much our custom solutions can help!

Get cleaner and healthier drinking water from your faucet. All it takes is a custom water system installation from Custom Water Systems and you could have bottle quality water throughout your whole house! Our reverse osmosis systems remove contaminants from your water, providing you with clean drinking water safely and affordably.


Fast Emergency Services
Have a no water problem and need a solution fast? We have you covered. Give us a call at 239-451-4450 for 24-hour emergency water treatment services. We're always ready to help!

Full Showroom of Parts and Filters

  • Valves, pumps, and pressure tanks
  • Whole-home and under-sink reverse osmosis filters
  • Salt, potassium permanganate, Res Care & BanT
  • PVC pipe and fittings
Custom Water Systems
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  • Analysis
  • Residential and commercial chemical removal systems
  • Residential and commercial iron removal systems​
  • Residential and commercial softening systems
  • Emergency NO WATER service
  • Residential tannin removal systems
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Taste and odor removal systems
  • Testing
  • Treatment